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War of the Words

Tea Party Gets a Win – By John Fredericks

Virginia House Republicans continued to lambaste their Senate Democratic colleagues for leaving town on Monday without a budget in place.

After passing a budget on the House side Tuesday night, Speaker Bill Howell (R-Stafford) directed a committee to notify the Senate of the passage of House Bill 5002.

But they found the offices empty, with the Senate having recessed for two weeks.

So they slipped the budget under the door, and hung a makeshift Gone Fishin’ sign on the outside.


State Sen. Bill Stanley (R-Danville) had a classic, which we are using in our show opening montage today:

Del. Chris Jones (R-Chesapeake) – “It’s stall-ball.”

Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw (D-Fairfax) – “Republicans still haven’t accepted the fact that Terry McAuliffe won the election. He’s governor. Get over it. You lost.”

More Stanley (he was on a roll yesterday): “We can all see now that Marketplace Virginia – heralded by Democrats in the Senate and Gov. McAuliffe as an alternative to Medicaid expansion was nothing more than a Trojan horse.”

Howell: “McAuliffe is holding the state budget hostage to Obamacare.”

State Sen. Bryce Reeves: “I won’t be blackmailed and this will backfire.”


This doesn’t help the Democrats cause with MedEx, as it plays into conservative claims that Obamacare is failing at all levels.

The Obama administration has unilaterally extended the healthcare open enrollment deadline beyond March 31.

Those that try to sign up, but miss the March 31 deadline, can appeal for an extension that will allow them to complete the enrollment process into mid-April.

Can anyone think of a single part of the ACA that has remained intact since its inception in the dark of night?


This from my good friend former U.S. Rep. Ernest Istook:

“Diversity went out the window as the three female Supreme Court justices—all liberals–united immediately to go after the lawyer for Hobby Lobby, pressing the notion that uniformity must prevail in healthcare law, as dictated by Obamacare.”

It was ladies first in the Supreme Court.

The lawyer for Hobby Lobby literally had not uttered two sentences before all three female Supreme Court justices interrupted him.

Justice Sotomayor led the charge, followed by Kagan, then Ginsburg.

Kagan abandoned the usual talk about diversity by suggesting that everything needs to be uniform – the same everywhere – when it comes to healthcare, and that employers must be the ones to pay for women’s contraception, as required by Obamacare.

Unless the seven family members who own Hobby Lobby abandon their religious beliefs and add abortion-inducing drugs to the other contraceptives they already offer through company insurance, the company faces fines of $475 million.

The other option: quit offering insurance altogether, and then pay fines of “only” $26 million.

Politicians insist companies must be forced to pay because those women who want it cannot afford the one-time morning-after pill. I looked it up.

They sell for $40—and less.


Michael Short, Regional Press Secretary at the RNC, says he’s so excited about the GOP prospects of winning the U.S. Senate he can’t sleep at night.

Here’s what he wrote to me yesterday:

“Vulnerable Senate Democrats are not only combating an unfavorable political environment due to Obamacare, but they will have to contend with a retooled Republican ground game that has already proven lethal.

Our new precinct-based, data-driven field operation was decisive in putting Republicans over the top in this month’s special election for a Florida Congressional seat that Democrats were favored to win and President Obama carried twice.

Celinda Lake, a highly regarded Democratic pollster, told CNN that the RNC’s coordinated effort in Florida was ‘darn effective’ and that Democrats should not underestimate it.

I’d also point you to the races for SD6 and HD100 in Virginia as a warning sign for Democrats.”


This from an avid reader and listener who was privy to the Henrico County Republican mass meeting on Monday night that elected Tea Party candidate Russ Moulton chairman over Linwood Cobb, who was supported by Eric Cantor’s Young Guns PAC:

“It was quite a circus last night … as the votes were being counted on the Russ Moulton chairmanship—[Eric] Cantor’s top political guy Ray Allen was asking Russ if they’d compromise and put Ray in as chairman of the meeting.  Ray apparently thought they were going to slate themselves, and slate off Eric Cantor and slate off Linwood Cobb…Russ said ‘yeah, no thanks, we’re running this meeting and there won’t be any slating…’

Do you know what Ray Allen probably had on his voice mail from the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives Monday night?  Not a pretty night for him…”

I would say not.

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